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PET means Polyetheentereftalaat, it is a synthetic material and a kind of polyester. PET is the kind of plastic which is used for plastic bottles, food packaging and non food packaging. Well known is the plastic water bottle.

Recycled Polyetherentereftalaat (RPET) is the most suitable for recycling different kinds of plastic.
After collecting the bottles, they are pressed together to bundles, so they can be taken to a recycling factory in an efficient way. A bundle consists of 6.000 bottles and (it) can give over 350 meter useful material.

Bundles will be processed into PET flakes for the production of new PET.
The less impurity there is in the bundles, the better it can be used for recycled products.
After cleaning the material it is suitable to make new goods.

Recycled Nylon and Polyether
By adding the minimum of 51 % recycled PET to normal nylon or polyesther, the bag will be less damaging for the environment and may be called a recycled bag. Bags made out of this material are allowed to carry the recycling logo.

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