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Brown kraft

Brown kraft
Recycled brown Kraft paper / recycled brown corrugated cardboard

Recycled brown Kraft is made of unbleached pulp and waste paper, which consists of 98 % household garbage.
The part of chlorine free unbleached pulp in brown paper is 10 % and the part of waste paper is between 80 % and 90 %. The recycled brown corrugated cardboard even consists of 100 % waste paper.
The paper can be delivered in 125 and 170 grs and it has a brown and a grey side ( that is the waste paper)

Recycled white/ brown paper
Made of 20 % bleached pulp and 80 % waste paper. Can be delivered in 140 grs and it has a white and a brown side.

All bleached and unbleached pulp is made of environmental friendly wood pulp from planted forests.
The products meet certain environmental requirements and can be 100% recycled.
During the production the paper will be dried in a high tech oven for over 100 degrees C, that is why the moisture content if the paper is minor.
The most important supplement during the production process is starch (C6H10O5(OH)3) and AKD (alkyl ketene dimmer). There is no damaging supplement like acetamide or sulphur. The part of heavy metal like cadmium, lead or quicksilver are sufficient to the rules the EU has made on the list of damaging supplements.
Tests are run by SGS continuously, to see if the part of the supplements that can be unhealthy are sufficient and remain within the ordered maximum values. This material also levels the even higher standards of companies like Adidas, Nike, etc.
The material is very suitable for carrier bags, wrapping paper and box packaging.

Bags made in China can deliver this in all kind of sizes and with all type of handles. The bag you wish will be there. The bag can be delivered with punched out handle, inside knotted strings or paper twisted handles and it is available with an MOQ of 1000 pieces. The strong material can be printed in 1 till 6 colours in offset print. Our advisers will discuss the possibilities with you and advise you about the right form and type of handle.
If you need more information, please contact us.

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